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MXD Home Medical Alert System

MXD Home Alert by Rescue Alert©
  • 1000ft Range
  • 24/7/365 Response Center
  • Works with landline or VoIP phone
  • 100% Waterproof

Personal Help Button

The Personal Help Button is waterproof and worn at all times as a necklace or bracelet. When the button is pressed in an emergency it activates the MXD Base Unit.

MXD Base Unit

The unit is connected to your existing phone line or VoIP service. When activated by the Personal Help Button the Base Unit immediately dials the 24x7 Response Center.

Response Center

Within seconds a highly-trained EMD-certified care specialist will speak to the member, assess the situation, and dispatch ambulance, police, fire and/or contact friends and family.

  • The MXD Medical Alert System is the first device in the industry to be compatible with both VoIP and Cable phone service as well as traditional landlines.
  • The built-in speaker and microphone deliver excellent audio quality and clear two-way communications between the user and the Response Center.
  • The Personal Help Button has a impressive range of 600-1000ft depending on the construction of your home.
  • The system monitors the status of the telephone line and battery levels in the unit as well as the panic button.
  • The unit performs self-diagnostics and reports its status to the Response Center.
  • Can be easily configured to monitor a home medication dispenser
  • The Rescue Alert Response Center is located in Utah and is staffed by EMD and CPR certified care specialists. Services are available in 150+ languages.

A: The Response Center is based in the USA and is staffed by highly trained, EMD & CPR certified care specialists who are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Services are available in over 150 languages.

A: No, but if you press the button and the care specialist can't hear you help will be immediately dispatched.

A: No, the Medical Alert System works with your existing phone line and is compatible with VoIP and Cable phone services.

A: The best option is to also purchase our lockbox to securely store a key outside the home using a 4-digit combination. You can also hide a key or provide one to a trusted neighbor.

A: The lithium-ion battery in the Personal Help Button lasts 5-7 years. When the battery becomes depleted the Base Unit will notify the Response Center and have a new one sent to you.

A: The MDX Master Unit has its own backup battery that lasts up to 90 hours.

A: The MDX Medical Alert System has a lifetime warranty.

Monthly Fee $29.95 (month-to-month)
No activation charge
  • Personal Help Button
  • MXD Base Unit
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Setup Support by Phone
  • Lifetime Warranty
Lockbox $39.99
Pendant $25.00
Grey Neck Cord $5.00

Made in the USA

The MXD Medical Alert System is manufactured by Rescue Alert, a family-owned business headquartered in South Jordan, Utah. The Response Center is based in the USA and staffed by highly trained, EMD & CPR certified care specialists.

Over the past 30 years Rescue Alert has led the innovation and set industry standards for medical alarms, monitoring services and reliably provides peace of mind and independence to seniors and their loved ones.

MXD Home Alert is proudly made in the USA

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