Seamless integration of wearable and app

When you pair your Tag with the powerful Wearsafe App, you get a safety solution that goes with you anywhere, anytime. The ease and speed of a wearable button combined with the capabilities of your smartphone is the next generation of personal safety.

The Wearsafe Tag in White

Many ways to wear the Tag:

Each Tag comes with a ring and clip attachment so you can wear it however you want. As a keychain, clipped to a waistband or bra strap, or on a lanyard, you can comfortably wear it day and night. Keep the Tag close to your body so that you can press the button even if your phone is across the room.

Real-time Feedback:

When you press the Tag, it silently vibrates to let you know the alert has been sent. It also vibrates each time someone in your network views an alert so you know that help is on the way.

Multiple Press settings:

Choose between single press, press and hold, and triple press activation. Your Tag, your settings.

200 foot range:

If it’s in another room or out of reach, you can still send an alert from up to 200 feet away from your paired smartphone.

Long Battery Life:

Your battery lasts up to 6 months with average usage. When the battery gets low, the app will send you a notification and the common CR2032 coin cell battery can be purchased at most local convenience stores or ordered online.

Water Resistant:

Your Wearsafe Tag won’t fizzle out when the going gets tough. It’s water resistant in the rain, the shower, and won’t abandon you if it falls in a pool. It can last for up to one hour one meter underwater. We recommend keeping it clean and dry, but a little water won’t hurt it.

The Wearsafe App can share critical medical information with your personal network

More info with a Wearsafe Alert:

A Wearsafe Alert provides the most critical information by sharing location, audio, and connecting through a group chat so the right help can get to you faster.

Share Medical Information:

Within an alert, responders can view the sender’s profile and personalized medical information.

Multiple Networks:

Create unlimited groups of trusted friends and family to respond to your alerts, and easily switch between them. From coworkers to running groups, it’s up to you who to rely on.

Send an Alert right from the App:

Phone in your hand at the moment of your emergency? Send an alert right from the App.

Tag Details:

Receive automatic battery status notifications, pair, and manage multiple Tags.

Free for Network Members:

Send alerts for just $5 per month, or download the App for free to become a responder. There’s no cost to keeping your friends safe.

The Wearsafe iPhone App is available in the iTunes App Store The Wearsafe Android App is available in the Google Play Store

A: Yes, to send alerts. The Wearsafe Platform uses the sensors and communication systems in your Android or iOS smartphone to gather information and share it with your responders.

To receive alerts, you must create a user account on the Wearsafe App, but you can receive text message alert notifications at any cell phone, and email notifications on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can follow an active alert with the web app.

A: The Wearsafe App is currently supported by iOS 8.0 and newer on iPhone 4S and newer, or by phones with Android 4.4 and newer with Bluetooth® low energy technology. Full compatibility notes at devices.

A: No. When activated, the Wearsafe Platform will notify a network of people you have selected. They will immediately receive detailed information about your situation so they can act on your behalf. Sometimes that may be an emergency services call, but sometimes it might just mean heading next door to check in on you.

If it's necessary to call Emergency Responders, anyone in your network can easily contact emergency services directly from the Alert screen. In supported locales, this will dial 911 automatically.

A: No need for your network members to purchase a subscription to get your alerts, but they will need to download the Wearsafe App to get all of the critical alert information the app provides.

When an alert is sent, your network receives a short text and an email with the private alert code, your profile information, and your location when the alert was sent. At that point, they should go to their Wearsafe App to view your continuously updated location, hear audio from your event, and join the private network chat so they can help coordinate the best response.

A: Yes, to send an alert, you must be subscribed to the Wearsafe service. Though anyone can download the Wearsafe App for free and receive alerts. Alerts are sent as emails and texts, but the most informative alert information comes through the Wearsafe App.

A: We like to say “anyone who can press a button” should use Wearsafe. We envision this lifesaving technology being an integral part of the daily lives of almost everyone – from students, athletes and parents, to travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Everyone has moments when they could use a little or a lot of help from their friends and family, and with Wearsafe you are prepared to get it at any time.

A: Wearsafe works in any country that supports compatible iPhone and Android devices, and where you have Internet service.

If you are out of range when you send an alert, the app will “hold” the alert and send it when data service reconnects.

The Wearsafe Tag is lightweight, thin and comes in weight and charcoal

What's included:

  • Wearsafe Tag
  • Clip and Ring attachment
  • 1 CR2032 battery
  • Quick Start Guide


  • White or Charcoal

Battery and Power:

  • Requires 1 CR2032 battery
  • Battery life: lasts up to 6 months
  • Connection: Bluetooth Low Energy


  • Up to 200 feet from paired smartphone
  • Clip and Ring attachment
  • 1 CR2032 battery
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Tag: 1.33 in. x 1.93 in. (3.4 cm x 4.9 cm)

Supported Devices: (check compatibility)

  • Android Bluetooth® Smart Ready phones
  • iPhone 4s or newer
  • iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • iPod touch (5th gen or newer) with Wi-Fi + Cellular

Safe Employees are Productive Employees

Nothing fosters goodwill like knowing an employer cares about their staff. Providing them with peace of mind increases engagement, morale, and profits.

  • Social Services
  • Home Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Realty
  • Transportation

Working Together to Keep Your Employees Even Safer

On the road, at the office, or in the shop, you can back them up with Wearsafe, a Safety Service designed to connect and protect your staff. During an accident, incident, or crisis, Wearsafe will instantly give their selected network all the information and tools needed to send the right help, right away.

The interface is available across multiple platforms makes sharing critical information with security and emergency responders easy. Combining alert management, dispatch aid, and incident reporting in a web-based central console, Wearsafe enables improved situational awareness and faster response times.

Wearsafe is the best way to care for your most valuable asset
your employees.

When the World is Your Workplace

Discreetly pressing their Tag activates the power of the Wearsafe App enabling traveling, remote and field employees to instantly alert their colleagues. No personal safety system does more for your employees than Wearsafe. In an emergency, other devices and apps only send an alert with location. Only Wearsafe connects responders in a group chat, where they receive audio from the scene and GPS location information to coordinate the most effective response.

  • audio
  • location
  • chat
  • geo-fencing
  • help

Student Union, Reimagined

Wearsafe is the next step in the evolution of campus safety. By empowering students and staff with Wearsafe you are creating a safer and more enriching experience.

Working Together to Keep Your Campus Even Safer

College is an exciting time of discovery and independence but campus life isn't without risks. You seek to expand students' minds, engage their interest and prepare them for success. However, you know that none of that can be achieved without first creating a safe environment.

You've taken steps to ensure the safety of your campus and now there is an innovative new solution to make that even easier.

The Wearsafe App provides an extra layer of protection to students on campus